History meets the future in this perfectly located hotel with both mountainous and coastal landscapes that offers a slice of true Cretan hospitality.

Treat yourself to an indulging stay right in the heart of the historic city of Chania and feel the town's authentic charm and vibrant energy. Stroll through cobblestone alleys and marvel the city's medieval magnificence, the sun rising at the shore and the sunset painting the sky in rich nuances. Feel the incomparable energy, grace and heritage of the city and become part of its story.

In the heart of 1866 square, just 50 meters from the KTEL bus station that takes you around the prefecture, and at the beginning of Halidon Street, the entrance of the old Venetian port, The Chania Hotel is the perfect starting point for any kind of experience.

The indoor Municipal Market together with the Mahairadika (knives) and Stivanadika (bootmakers') workshops, offering handmade knifes and leather goods respectively, are met with the contemporary retail stores of the area, for endless strolling and shopping.